Thousands of students spend hours in our vans.

What do you want them to see or hear?

People who advertise at Reindeer Shuttle:

  • Understand that 90% of Reindeer Shuttle customers are new students coming and looking to spend
  • Pay far less than other sources of advertising
  • Know that we are a service by the students, for the students

Reindeer Shuttle vans have a 15-seat passenger capacity and the big buses we use carry up to 56 passengers. Every year, we transport thousands of students’ back-and-forth from Purdue to O’hare. The first thing a student sees on his debut journey to Purdue, to the last thing a students sees on his graduating journey back to O’hare, our seat backs holds a lot of value to the growth of your business.

Our customer base is 90% International (70% China 20% India 10% Others) and 10% Domestic. According to XXXX statistic, International students are one of the best financially equipped set of students with an average of XXXX spending power throughout their four years in college.

We are friendly. Reindeer Shuttle friendly. Let’s partner together and grow both our businesses as a team, mutual advertising FTW!

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